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Thank you for your patience, below is our updates.

Fear of Guilt?

- This message expresses their concern of being monitored. We would have to assume they have nothing to hide, yet appear to be concerned with it...


Below is a message from who we believe to be the ring leader himself "whitetiger".  Please pay special attention to the sentence in last paragraph.  "At this point I think a hit piece will have to be creative."  This point clearly illustrates they have no desire to report facts, instead they need to ensure they are damning enough to effect the stock price and will do whatever it takes to ensure that it is.

Below This one is especially damning "We just need the hit piece to just happen."  Furthermore, I need to convince Crocker have my team visit the SAT agency" (SAT FILINGS ARE NOT PUBLIC INFORMATION, YET THE AUTHOR WANTS THE INFORMATION TO TRADE ON IT).

Having information that is materially different than SEC filings is material non public information.  End of story. 


Putting out “hit” pieces with the intent to move the market is also illegal.  Its called manipulation. Historically this is called “pump” and “dump”, but I guess this is called “bash” and “cover”. 


Below: Another “bash” and “cover” pays another bill at the expense of the average investor in the market. Its quite unfortunate.


Discussing the process of a short (not saying Viking86 is a hit piece author).  When they need to cover, put out a damning piece.  When shares are freeing up from offering, put out a damning piece to really benefit from such action.  When a company puts out good news, hit the stock hard initially to stop any potential rally.


Whitetiger is already starting his defense for when he gets on the stand. He is just a person looking to help the little guy - good try my good righteous friend.   Were you trying to do the right thing or were trying to get rich through selling subscriptions that provide 1) inside information, or 2) timing on when market moving “hit” pieces would hit the market?


Screen shot 2 - How is it different you ask?  Well WSJ doesn’t put out "hit" pieces with the intent to damage the market and benefit from such change in the market - They report the news.  Also WSJ doesn’t call its friends and spread inside information and trade on it prior to putting out news articles.